What’s in a name?

Now here’s the thing, most Pagans have a special name that they use, a craft name if you will, it doesn’t matter if you’re a witch, druid, heathen, wiccan or something else. Most of us give ourselves a name that we use, apart from a witch in a coven, and then I believe the high priestess gives you one, or part of one.

I have found that some won’t share the name with anyone, it’s between them and their deities and no one else, then you have those that are happy to share with everyone alongside their deities, or those like myself, who are happy to share part of their name with others.


Choosing a name is a very personal thing, a lot of thought goes into it, some like to use the name of a goddess or god, whereas others think that to do so is quite rude. Then you have those that choose a name opposite to their nature, hoping that it will bring out that side of them, plants, trees and flowers are very popular as are animals and birds, even colours, then there are dates from the wheel of the year such as Litha. You can choose to have a name in another language like Doreen Valiente did, hers was Ameth, which means ‘truth’. So as you can see, there are many options open to you. There are no right or wrongs, it’s up to you if you choose to have one or not.


Having spent a good bit of time thinking about it, I’ve tried several names including Stormrune, Wolfsong, Snapdragon, and Nemesis, which while I liked them, they didn’t quite ‘hit’ the mark with me and I found myself coming back to the same name over and over. That name is Dragonborne, there is more, but that’s between me and the ancients and not for sharing. So, you will ask, why Dragonborne?  well, it’s quite simple really, I like dragons, I was born in Wales, the dragon is our emblem so Dragonborne ticked all the boxes, so Dragonborne I am and Dragonborne I shall remain until I cross to the summerlands.

How time flies!

It’s hard to believe it has now been  10 years since my epiphany in a forest, that day will forever be indelibly printed in my heart and mind.  What started out as just a stroll with someone else, turned into an amazing experience that completely turned my life around and set me on the path to not only becoming a pagan, but led to me becoming interested in the ancient craft of the wise and the path of the druid.

I’ve come a long way since that day on 5th October 2007 and I still have a long way to go, no one can ever know it all, but I’ve striven to do my best with the knowledge I have found in various books and by trial and error.  I’ve no interest in joining a coven, i’m what you might call a solitary witch with druid leanings.

My love of my local forest led me to wandering it with my dog Rexx, and after he went to rainbow bridge, quite alone, away from the beaten track and I’ve always felt safe,  I find contentment there, it soothes my weary soul and recharges my batteries, I always came away refreshed and ready for whatever life chose to throw at me.

Alas, I can no longer roam at will, chronic illness can do that, however, I have some wonderful memories and have turned part of my garden into a mini wilderness, I have a young oak, a rowan, an ash and a willow tree planted in there, along with a small altar with a statue of Milady and some crystals on it, I’ve also added two flares and it’s a peaceful place.



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